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2022 Dedication Card

2022 Dedication Card


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Dedication Wall


Least we can do!


Least we can do

Gone but never forgotten 🕊️ #Tovio #Sampo

For Fotu 🕊️

Sahlen aka #BEST BROTHER IN THE WORLD 💚💚💚 Missed through every moment and loved through all of eternity..... 💚💚💚💚

Christie Bellenger

My dearest Adzy, I love you, I miss you. 3 years on and I still can't believe it. I still see you in all our family catch-ups, kids sports, events and really just day-to-day life. I've got your girl and your boys and I will love them for you forever 💛

Mrs.Amanda Amanda Gorman

Dearest Michael, you are so missed. Gone too soon.


For Our Nick. No words needed. Nick you are so missed.

Jessica Reid

It's really important to take away the stigma from mental health... your brain and your heart are really important too. You should seek help to have those parts be as health as your teeth or your eyes.

Jodie Mobbs

To my dad who is a Vietnam Veteran who struggles with PTSD I thank you for seeking help so you can be here with us today . AND for my cousin Karla unfortunately you lost your battle with Mental health and left us way to early please know that there is not a day that goes by that you are not in my thoughts

Bronwyn Scofield

I am walking to remember my son Lukey who passed away by suicide on 4 February 2021


walking to my two dearest friends; jesse and amy. we miss you x

This October I am walking for awareness Supporting Australians with Mental Health issues and suicidal thoughts.

Thomas Sozou

Fly high son,, miss you everyday.

Sam Baglin

Miss u everyday siss

Sediqa K

I am walking in loving memory of my beloved brother, Murtaza.

In Loving Memory of Cooper


Mark Gordon, always remembered with love Thank you for sharing your beautiful patch of far North Queensland with us. Also remembering your fabulous conservation work with cassowaries in the Cassowary Coast.


Mark Gordon, always remembered with love Thank you for sharing your beautiful patch of far North Queensland with us. Also remembering your fabulous conservation work with cassowaries in the Cassowary Coast.

Miss you so much sweetpea, words cannot express the heartache but I will always treasure the memories :)


Walking for my dad - Richard- we love you, we miss you.

Philip Tesoro

It's only been five days, Uncle Joe. I can't imagine any other day hurting less than it does today, but I know that the pain will fade over time. Our love for you won't, though, nor the fact that we miss you.

Donna Marie

Not a day goes by without missing your bright smile and calming blue eyes. Your the sweetest mother. I love you always and forever

To say I miss you will never be enough ~ but I much! You are in my thoughts everyday & in my heart always. I wish you were here my son 💔 I love you. 💚 KING KAI FOREVER 💚


… for Adan.... #YNWA


I will always be here loving you

Kimberley Tipping

You’ll will never be forgotten my beautiful brother, protector and friend. Love you Pryce xx


Save a seat up there for us ! Til then we’ll keep sending it @ Columbine✊🏼 Love ya! #SAMPO #FOTU #77

Francois and Sandra

This is dedicated specifically for a fine young 15 year old sadly missed by his family and friends

Stevie Jane

Love and miss you every single day Saz.

Lincoln Hansen-Doherty

Dad "Trav" Miss you so much wish you were with us still! We walk for you xxx Love you so much Lincoln

Elna Gray

Not a day goes by that you don’t come into my thoughts, miss you so damn much Jeremy 💙🙏🏼💙

Andrea Bontje

I miss you Son - my darling Joshua - every minute of every day. Until we meet again I carry you in my heart. Love Mum

To the ones we have loved & lost xx

Jiddaz Ingram

Not only my Brother but my Solid Rock, there isn't a day I don't think of you. I love you so much bro xx

Robbie Cumpsty

I love you so much, wish you could of stayed a little longer.


Thaththa, Remember 21st of December 2016 we talked over the phone? We organised to call next day too, but you were gone next day. You have been trying to tell us that you are going, but we never really understood it. I am sorry for not being there, for not being available for not understanding your cues. I didn’t think you would do that, but you did. Remember that last birthday card you sent me in my 40th Birthday? Like always you mentioned the first time you saw me two hours after I was born? I know that moment will never leave us, the moment we met 45 years ago in around 6am on a cold January morning. You went to work afterwards, your heart must have been so full with love. Over time things got weird and I started suffering from my own darkness and I hurt you in the process, I am sorry. I would have done better if I knew better but I didn’t. You forgave me, you loved me the same. The reality is I wouldn’t have achieved what I achieved without you, your presence and support made it possible. I am sorry I never got to tell it to you. Remember the last time we met? You took my hands in both hands and kissed them in tears. You said you would not live until I come back next, and you didn’t. You had your darkness and you did not know any other way out. I understand and I love you. I will find you in next life. I will hug you and I will say sorry. I will say sorry for all the things I didn’t do. You will embrace me and don’t worry about the things I didn’t do, because that who you were. I never got to say you this, May be I didn’t realise it until now, you are a great dad. You are. You just made me who I am. Yes there are times I felt I wasn’t treated right as a child, but at the end of the day you were there for me. I love you. We will meet again, and then we will start again and do better and stay with each other for longer. Because you are the only dad for me and I want you again in next life too, both you and mum. May be you two will sort your issues then and we will start over again. A loving family like we were in 1976. We would avoid the darkness we went through in 80s and 90s and afterwards. I would look from the front door to see if you were coming home in that 1978 evening, one of my earliest memories. We will hold onto that bliss and keep it forever and live long lives. ThatUtah, I love you. I always loved you. I know you loved me and sister more than anything too. So remember me and we will find each other in the other side for a beautiful life. I love this photo of you as a little child. If I can time travel I will go to this scenes, hold your hand and play with you and never let anything make you sad. I would keep this little child in my heart forever and play with him. I love you. I love all of you. Thank you thatha for the life you gifted me with. Life is a gift, without you I wouldn’t have known life. I will live a fulfilling life and I will keep your memory in my memory for many years to come. In my life you will live too. In our next life don’t leave early, let’s stay together as a family and work through things. I love you thaththa. Yours, Loku Duwa

Michael Smith

Forever in our hearts. Love and miss you Dad xo Graeme Franklin Smith 03/06/1947 - 12/12/1995


To all the amazing people in my life who fight mental health disorders every day and continue to win. Blessed to have you here.

You’ve got what it takes. You have came this far, keep moving forward. I believe in you. Tomorrow is another day.

We love you all

Cilas Read

Suicide sucks. If anyone is struggling than I’m here.

Tara Worthington

Dannii Worthington gone but never forgotten, our beautiful Angel. Fly High and may your legacy live on through the eyes of your 2 beautiful children. We love you more than words xoxo


Missing you everyday. Miss your smiles that filled every room, LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME WITHOUT SISSY. A beautiful soul taken to soon, I know you'll be shinning ur light ova us always, up there with dad & Bradley. FLY HIGH My beautiful sister. I love you always Xxxx


In loving memory of Adam Miller

Michael Smith

Dad it's been 26 years since we lost you. You are always in our hearts and love you always xo

Walk for awareness

Brian John I miss you everyday love mum xxx


I miss you, Mark. Thank you for your kindness, your love, and leading me to understand where you've gone.



Kris Ashen

Kudos for all the work you do for this great cause, Wes and Tudor.

Andrew bowden

Miss you everyday uncle bern and mum wish you were still here xxx


I walked to support my sister who has battled her mental illness for years. We love you and support you Greta!

Olivia Butterworth

Thinking of you always Dad 🌻

Robert Cunningham

KING KAI You left us too early 😔 Love you and miss you always 💔

W, R, B, T, M, E and C My beautiful loves. Not a day goes by that you guys don't cross my mind. Every single one of you were so precious and I miss you all like crazy. I hope heaven is treating you well ❤


Thinking of you always B Shep 🌻

Rhonda Grant

Brian John I miss you everyday love mum xxx

Katrina tsaftaropoulos

I post this in honour of my son george who I lost to siucide 2012. He was 27. I love and miss you with every beat of my heart and with every breath I take. I honour your memory and legacy. I know we will be together again. Love always mum xxx

MeLo Afamasaga

This is more then just a walk for our fams rest in love dad, miss you so much this ones also for friends and other family members who have fallen to mental health and depression.


Connar. Gone too soon.


Jiddaz & Robbie this walk is for you both, loved deeply and missed deeply xx

Yes ur right mental health awareness doesn’t discriminate this is why we’re here to support all those in need


For Gordy. Forever missed.


Never forgotten!


Sadly missed but always loved!

Nathan Manning

The team at Cooper Reeves are blessed to do our part and support Walk for Awareness

To the people who haven’t reached out yet

I promise you if you have 20 seconds of insane bravery and reach out it will all be worth it. It will be the beginning of a crazy journey but one day I in the near future you will be sitting somewhere with the people you love and you will be so beyond grateful you did.

Thinking of you always Matthew and Scott xo

For you Boonoo. Team Buenen

3 Bears

Everyone who feels alone we love you! #MAfwalk #itaintweaktospeak



I miss you more than words can say. You were the best brother I could have asked for.

I wish you knew how loved and missed you are. Always on my mind, forever in my heart.

Kris Cooper

I love you brother! You would have thrived during covid isolations. Time alone and without obligation always helped us to reset and appreciate our lives. Life shouldn't be so stressful.


Dedicating this walk to Cheni. it's been almost 2 years and still missing you every day...

For Kate. For Kylie. ❤️❤️

Love mum

Jiddaz forever in my heart and not a day goes by where I dont think about you.


I am dedicating my walk to my brother Paul who lives with a debilitating mental illness. He is now 49 years old and has lived with this illness since the age of 19. He is my hero and I love him very much. X


Our hero 👼🏼 love you forever and always Queen Fifi


Dear Dad, Still missing you every single day. Love you so much xxx

Kelly Moore

10 years without you Dad and I miss you so very much.

Erica Kastin

Beautiful Erica we miss your smile that would light up any room. You were my go to girl in every crowd. Your girls are growing up to be two very amazing little ladies, you should be very proud. Forever in our thoughts and we miss you.

Uce Wayne 77

Miss ya bruv #FW☝🏼


I am walking again in 2020 for Sally Page. A dear friend who lost her life in 2018. Love you Sal.



Loz Antonenko

Dear Brian, This October marks what would have been our first decade of marriage. Not a day has gone by since that moment you chose to leave earthside that your precious soul has not been etched in my memory. I wish you could see the person that you have encouraged me to become and that we could have shared some epic anniversary vibes. I will work even harder today, and every day to come, to ensure this beautiful gift of life that I have is savoured for you. xxxx

Sandra Moran from Jaie’s Journey Inc

To my beautiful boy Jaie, we miss you with every breath in and out. Life has changed irrevocably since you took yourself home in April 2014. Almost 7 years on and we are still learning how to breathe and function in a new world. Your mama loves you Baby Boy ❤️

Mr Waldemar J. Szydlowski (Shedlarsky)

- My Life Is Gone - What Left Is Chaos - Yet, I Praise My Every Day - Yet, I Praise My Every Breath - This Is My Defiance - This Is My Destiny”” — I AM Only - As Much Worth as Much of Others Is In Me - In My Heart - In My Mind” The Thoughts of Mr Waldemar J. Szydlowski (Shedlarsky) © Year2020

Nicholas Dolan

I wish to dedicate this message to our son and brother, Nicholas Dolan, who sadly left this world on the 21 September, 2015. His life was cut so short due to terrible depression. He was only 20 years old. He is much loved and missed every day. I walk to honour Nick and to help promote much needed awareness of mental health with regards to depression and suicide prevention.

Sue Orth

Big Rod and Hazza I think of you every single day and miss you both so much. I know you’re both together and looking down on us, supporting us all and giving us strength to be the best we can be. I will love and miss you both forever. #bekind

I’m here with love for the 2 beautiful souls that were left behind. You’re in my heart ❤️

Belinda Mackay

Our beautiful, kind, considerate, loving Billy we miss you every minute of every day. Our hearts ache and the pain takes our breath away. We don’t understand why!! We will love you today tomorrow and always. Mum John Thomas Tara James Kayla and Jarrod

Tudor Vasile

Australia's Mental Health - I love you and I will continue to fight for Awareness on all fronts of Mental Illness. 2020, now more than ever, we need to unite, and show Aussies suffering, we love you and we are here to help.

Walk for awareness

Our mission is to support charities that are working directly with communities who are implementing strategies to raise awareness of depression and mental illness, while supporting the preservation of life.