Lynelle's Long Leg Walk

Lynelle's Long Leg walk

Hello, On September the 3rd 2022, a few of us are planning on doing a Boona Long Leg Walk in memory of our great friend Lynelle, while raising funds for Mental Health at the same time. If you would like to join us to celebrate and remember the joy and laughter that Lynelle brought into our lives, we would love to have you along!  If you can't make it out to Boona, but would still like to be involved, you can walk anywhere at any time. Just register under Lynelle's Long Leg walk and get walking!

We all know Lynelle loved a party, so after the hard yards we will be celebrating at the Edbrooke Family home where the walk will finish. We will be asking a small donation to cover food and softdrinks, with proceeds also be donated. Miss Jane is also organising a commemorative T-shirt. For further details regarding the walk, afterparty and T-shirt purchase please check out our website at

RSVP for afterparty 26/8/22.



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Thinking of you all and wishing I could be there walking beside you.


Chris Farnan


Bev Wigginton


Fiona Jones


Fiona Wade


Bridget Gilloway


Terri Ridgeway




Laura Papworth

This is a lovely idea. I’d love to walk too. I used to work with Lynelle at Exact. She is greatly missed by us all. We were only reliving some memories the other week about her love for word puzzles. Between patients she would sometimes take the corssword sections out of magazines and do them over a coffee! I love hearing your updates. Her family are often in my thoughts x


Lillian Gilloway


Luke Wellwood


Peta Boyle


Anne Lidster


Deanne Chester


James Mcveigh

It will be a great walk in Lynelle’s honour!


Annette Maree Johnson


Helen Wildie


Jenna Clark

Lynelle was such a charismatic light in the workplace! She mentored me for over two years and I inherited her tell tale skill of scanning shoulders from behind the patient. Always a lover of coffees, books and trawling through the op shop for hidden gems. Never one to sit still, she always has to be either doing a puzzle, reading a book or researching a case between patients. We miss her sorely!


Donelle Mcveigh