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Sunday 11th Oct
Today I accomplished an 8km run for “walk for awareness” I am pretty bloody proud of myself to say the least. To raise over $2k as well, what an achievement! Thank you to everyone that supported me through this journey, I couldn’t have done it without you 😊

Thank you

Friday 9th Oct
Thank you to everyone that donated and has supported me throughout the last few weeks leading up to Sunday! 
I have been training hard, currently have a pinch in my buttocks but I am hoping it will go away by Sunday!
I will keep you all posted on the day on how I am going :)

Thursday's run

Friday 18th Sep
Practice makes perfect :)

Wednesday's run

Friday 18th Sep
I wanted to see how far I could actually run.. I think I did quite well

My Journey

Wednesday 16th Sep

My mental health took a turn for the worst October last year when a sudden death in the family happened. I chose paths to go down to try and deal with the pain that were not good for me.

It was at the start of this year that I realised I needed to change. I moved to a new house and took myself out of a toxic environment. I decided to start exercising and have been weight training, running, and walking every day ever since.

My mental state has gone from being miserable and unworthy, to positive and determined in such a short space of time. Although I still have a lot of growing to do as a person, I believe the steps I have taken thus far have really done wonders for my mental health.

I have learnt to speak more openly about the way I am feeling.

I have learnt that bottling up emotions is definitely not healthy.

I have learnt that I actually do have a lot of support from family and friends

I have learnt to deal with my anxiety better, I keep a journal and write in this daily

I want to raise awareness for mental health because in the times that we are living in at the moment, I feel like this is something we should all be talking about and supporting one another with.

“Don’t let your struggle become your identity.”

Thank you to my Sponsors


Geoff Perriman

Hi Lisa great to see you tracking some Ks for a really great cause - good luck with reaching your goal look forward to actually seeing you sometime soon GP


Grant Ackroyd

Such a wonderful cause and so proud of you for doing it



Great work Lisa. We're proud of you!


Anna Williams

We love you - very proud


Tim , Kel And Will

Well done Lisa and a great cause!



Lisa, Go for it! Cheers Tim and Julie


Julie Lewis-mathias

Well done Lisa, enjoy exploring new territory as you achieve your goals! Julie & Tim


Justin Barber

Nice one Lisa! Legend!



I’m backing you, my Lisa Lou


Anthony (tony) Blaubaum


Matt & Soph

Great you are doing it ‘virtually’ Lisa!


Ric & Marg

Good job Lisa. Happy walking.


Kylie Dordevic

Good luck Lisa. Its such a worthy cause. 'Its not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.'


Katrina Blaubaum


Te-arna Clarke

So proud of you 💖 You’re an inspiration.


Luke Kelly

Well Done Lisa. Keep shining like the star you are.


Janet Bowden

Great effort Lisa! You’re fabulous. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️Keep up the good work 😘❤️


Julia Rose

Go my Lisa Lisa xx


Maureen Price

Great cause Lisa, good on you for caring & running :)


Edward Rippon

Well done Lisa


Anna & Greg Williams

Go Spanky. Love Anna & Greg


Deniz Salih

Go Lisa , I’d like to offer my support


Sarah Hollier

Gooo Lisa! 💪🏽 What a good cause so close to your heart! ♥️


Hudson & Isla

Proud of you Aunty Lisa - love you & miss you.



proud of you lisa ❤️


Wayne Seregin


Brii Mcauliffe


Matt, Emma And Harper Witherden

You go Glen coco



Great work Lisa, keep it up x


Matt Layton

What a great cause to be running for. Pumped for you to complete it and raise a sh*t tonne of money! Go Lisa yewww!!!


Cynthia Doherty

Run girl RUN!



Go Gilligan ♥️✨


Piera Iorlano

You go girl !!!!!


Elysia Heis

You go girl! x