Ryen Broadbridge

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Hey Everyone - I'm Ryen and I'm 24years old. 6 years ago I had dreams, ambitions and hopes of becoming nurse however my life came to a sudden holt after being diagnosed with anorexia. Due to inadequate treatment in my home town of Cairns, my family decided to relocate to Brisbane where I could have access to specialised treatment. Over the past 5 years since moving to Brisbane, my mental health has been like waves on a really rough day. My overall mental health has spiralled in those years with dozens of diagnosis being thrown at me. It wasn't until 2019 after the use of  excessive medication and intensive treatments that I was finally given a diagnosis that covered all my symptoms - that diagnosis is BPD. While I suffer quite severely from my BPD with my extreme unregulated emotions, I still heavily suffer from an eating disorder, depression, OCD and anxiety.  The treatment I have received through the past 6 years has been unhelpful and if anything it has made my condition worse. I have finally found a treatment team who are committed to helping me recover and access the treatments that will get me there. There are still however many blocks in the road because of my list of disorders. I am walking the 'Walk for Awareness' to spread the word and create equality for all those who suffer from a mental illness. 

A mental illness is a disease - so let's start treating it with the proper measures.

- Ryen 

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Julie Mewett

Thank you Ryen for helping to raise more awareness for mental illnesses. Keep up the good work & always remember your worth ❤️


Lynda Reeks

Ryen I don't know even a quarter of what you are going through and since I am family that is sad so I hope this does bring a bit more awareness and understanding. Especially for me. Xxx


Ryen Broadbridge