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Walk for Awareness is an event that involves bringing people together in a friendly and safe environment where issues of mental health can be discussed openly with friends, family and supportive strangers. We believe the matters surrounding suicide should be discussed, not hidden. Let’s Take A Walk Australia

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Wednesday 13th Jul
I’ve personally experienced some times that left me feeling very sad and full of hopelessness- finding it difficult to get through each day. It’s hard for people to be your friend during these times but boy do I appreciate the support I got from the people who stuck around and just listened. It’s important for all of us to be aware. I feel great that I am ok now and can support this great cause. 

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Sonya Mcmillan


Debbie Lee

Hi Sonya, good cause and #yammerwin :)


Evelyn Nelson


Dave Aislabie

Great cause and good luck!


Ron Simpson